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Q: Why is a semi-annual consignment sale the best option to sell my children’s items?

A: You get a higher split than you would with a consignment store. You don’t have to worry about rain ruining your garage sale. Strangers won’t haggle with you about prices. We do all the advertising, set up, and tear down. You don’t have to be there for your stuff to sell. You get your cash FAST. Need we say more?

Q: Is there a minimum or maximum to the number of items I can bring?

A: There are no minimum number of items to participate. There is also no maximum to the number of good conditioned items you can bring!

Q: When will I receive my check?

A: Checks will be mailed within 10 business days of the sale’s end.

Q: Can I enter my leftover items at your next sale without re-tagging them?

A: Absolutely!

Q: What if I change my mind about a price or discounting/donating an item AFTER I’ve already tagged the item?

A: At checkout, all items are scanned. This means the only prices and limitations you entered into the computer will be calculated. Handwriting on tags will not be considered at check out. If you change your mind, please re-print your tag and attach to the item.

Q: Can I pick up my items at another time besides the designated pick-up time?

A: Unfortunately, we have no way to store your items. If your items are not picked up during the designated pick- up time, they will be donated to families in need. However, anyone you give your consignor number to may pick up your items for you.

Q: I already have tagged items from another sale, can I use them at your sale?

A: Absolutely – as long as the tags have bar-codes. Our scanners can read any bar-code. Just double check The MotherLoad’s merchandise prep instructions to make sure your item is prepared correctly to be entered into our sale.

Q: When can I drop off my items?

A: After you register for the sale, you need to “reserve” a drop off appointment slot through your seller account online. Drop is usually on Tuesday & Wednesday of the sale week. Please allow 20-30 minutes for drop off. The time it takes depends on how many items you are bringing.

Q: Can I change the day/time of my volunteer shift?

A: Yes- until the system closes a few days before the sale. Be sure to get on the email list so you are notified of this deadline. Also note that once a volunteer shift is full, you will need to choose another shift. Be sure to sign up early so you get to pick the best shift for you!

Q: Why does one of my items I picked up after the sale have a red X on the tag?

A: All items are put through an inspection check point before being placed on the sales floor. If your item doesn’t make it through the checkpoint, it will have a red X put on the tag and it will not be placed on the sales floor. This way you’ll know which items you may need to pre-treat/clean up/repair to put in the next sale!

Q: Why might an item get pulled during the inspection checkpoint and not make it to the sales floor?

A. The inspection checkpoint looks for rips, holes, stains, missing buttons, broken zippers, and excessive wear on clothing. It also checks for working batteries and gear imperfections such as holes, stains, dents, etc. Another reason an item would be pulled is if it is improperly prepared or tagged. Finally, an item may be pulled if it is highly over-priced. Use these pricing suggestions as a guide.

Q: Can someone else pick up my unsold items?

A: Yes, but they will need to know your seller number and sign for you. Keep in mind they may not know if something on the Lost & Found table is yours. 

Q: Will I get my hangers back at the end of the sale?

A: In order to keep check-out moving quickly for our shoppers, we do not remove hangers. However, if you buy your child’s next size up of wardrobe at the sale, you will get to keep all those hangers as a buyer!

Q: How do I get my passes to the sellers’ preview sale?

A: You will receive your passes when you drop off your items. You will receive two passes.

Q: When do sellers get to shop early?

A: Sellers who do not volunteer get to shop at 5:30 p.m. on the day of the preview sale. Sellers who do volunteer get a higher percentage and get to shop earlier. 

Q: Where is your sale?

A: Our sale is held at the Diamond Event Center at 1480 Pearl Road, Brunswick, OH 44212.

Q: What do other moms think about selling at The MotherLoad?

A: Great question!  See what they have to say here.

Have a question about selling that we didn’t cover? Feel free to contact us!

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