FAQ, Volunteering

Q: Why should I volunteer?

A: As a seller, you will receive higher percentages of your sales. You will also get to shop at the volunteer preview sales, which take place earlier than the “seller preview sale.” See here for the specifics.

Q: What should I wear?

A: Something comfortable! You will be standing and/or moving around for the majority of your volunteer slot. We advise a short-sleeve shirt and bring a sweatshirt so you are sure to be comfortable regardless of the temperature. 

Q: Can I volunteer if I am not a consignor?

A: Absolutely. A non-consigning volunteer will earn access to the volunteer preview sale. Contact us to sign up as these spots are limited.

Q: Can my husband volunteer in my place?

A: Absolutely! Our set-up and tear-down shifts are great for dads. Sign up for a volunteer slot like normal through your seller account and make sure he signs in/out at the sale so you get your extra percentage.

Q: Can I bring my child with me to volunteer shift?

A: Due to safety reasons, we do not allow children to come to any volunteer shifts.

Q: I have never volunteered at a seasonal consignment sale before, will you show me what to do?

A: Absolutely! We will provide all the instructions you’ll need for the tasks at hand. We love our volunteers. We hope you’ll join our team!

Q: What time do I get to shop at the preview sale if I volunteer?

A: Check our sale schedule to see when you get to shop according to how much you volunteer. Remember, every 4 hours of volunteering also comes with an additional 5% earnings of your total sales (up to 15% or 12 hours)!

Q: Where is your sale?

A: Our sale is held at the Diamond Event Center at 1480 Pearl Road, Brunswick, OH 44212.

Have a question about volunteering that we didn’t cover? Feel free to contact us!

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