The Basics

Why be a consignor at The MotherLoad? Because you are an awesome parent with awesome stuff to sell!

  • You can earn up to 80% of your total sales.
  • You get paid to clean out your house!
  • You get early shopping privileges to stock up on your child’s next stage.
  • Assist families in need by donating any unsold items you choose, and receive tax credit for doing so.
  • You get your cash FAST – mailed within 10 business days of the sale’s end.
  • You can use your already tagged items (with barcodes) from ANY OTHER consignment sale without having to re-tag.
Show me the money!
  • You earn a minimum of 65% of your total sales and up to 80%.
  • You receive two passes to the seller preview sale. Yes, TWO. Who likes shopping alone?
  • There is a $10 non-refundable registration fee paid online when you register for the sale.
  • Want to make MORE money? And shop even EARLIER? I thought so. Keep reading 🙂

Volunteer 4 hours = Earn 70% of your total sales = 2 passes to the volunteer preview sale.

Volunteer 8 hours = Earn 75% of your total sales = 2 passes to the volunteer preview sale.

Volunteer 12 hours = Earn 80% of your total sales = 2 passes to the MegaLoad preview sale.

How does it work?
  1. Get all your children’s and maternity items together that you no longer use, or your children have outgrown.
  2. Clean them up.
  3. Enter your items into our automated system – setting your own prices for each item! This system also allows you to schedule your drop off/volunteer shifts.
  4. Print your tags and attach them to your items (instructions here).
  5. Drop off your items at your scheduled time slot that you choose.
  6. Go about your normal life for a few days while we sell your items for you.
  7. Watch your cash stack up in your seller account as your items are being sold at the sale.
  8. Pick up any left over items at the designated pick-up time (if you choose not to donate them).
    1. You can enter any leftover items into the next sale (as long as there is no red X on the tag) without having to re-tag!
  9. High-five everyone you know because you just earned extra cash by cleaning out what you weren’t using anyway!
  10. Get excited for the next sale at The MotherLoad!

Want to hear from real moms who have already sold their items with us? See what they have to say here.

Ready to get started? The first thing you need to do is register for the upcoming sale!

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