Volunteering to help at the sale is a two-way street. You help us, so we help you! There are two major reasons to volunteer. One, as a seller, you will receive higher percentages of your sales. Second, you will get to shop at the volunteer preview sales, which take place earlier than the “seller preview sale.”

Volunteer one 4-hour shift = Earn 70% of your total sales = 2 passes to the volunteer preview sale.

Volunteer two 4-hour shifts = Earn 75% of your total sales = 2 passes to the volunteer preview sale.

Volunteer three 4-hour shifts = Earn 80% of your total sales = 2 passes to the MegaLoad volunteer preview sale.

After you register as a consignor, you will have the opportunity to sign up for your desired volunteer shifts.

Not a consignor and still want to volunteer? No problem! You can volunteer a shift and receive early shopping benefits! Contact us to sign up. Non-selling volunteer spots are limited.

Never been to or helped at a consignment sale before? That’s alright! We’ll provide all the necessary instructions for whatever task you receive. Some example tasks include: set up, item inspection, runners, organizers, consignor check in, floor patrollers, check out, clean up, break down, etc.

Click here for frequently asked questions about volunteering.

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