How It Works


  • You can earn up to 70% of your total sales.

  • You get paid to clean out your house!

  • You get early shopping privileges to stock up on your child’s next stage.

  • Assist families in need by donating any unsold items you choose, and receive tax credit for doing so.

  • You get your cash FAST – mailed within 10 business days of the sale’s end.

  • You can use your already tagged items (with barcodes) from ANY OTHER consignment sale without having to re-tag.

Show me the money!

  • You earn a minimum of 60% of your total sales and up to 70%.

  • You receive two passes to the seller preview sale. Yes, TWO. Who likes shopping alone?

  • There is a non-refundable registration fee paid online when you register for the sale and a consignor fee which is deducted from your commission check of $5.00 for 50 or less items and $10.00 for 51 or more items.

Want to make MORE money? And shop even EARLIER? I thought so. Keep reading!

Base commission is 60% but you can earn up to 70% by volunteering and/or referrals!

Volunteer one 4-hour shift = Earn 5% more commission!

Volunteer two 4-hour shifts =Earn 10% more commission and earn your consignor fee back which is payable on your commission check!

Volunteer one 8-hour shift=Earn 10% more commission and earn your consignor fee back which is payable on your commission check!

We LOVE referrals and you can make $$$$ by referring consignors to The MotherLoad!

1 NEW CONSIGNORS who each consign 75 items=5% more commission

2 NEW CONSIGNORS who each consign 75 items=10% more commission AND two 4pm preview passes.

10% additional commission is the maximum any person can earn whether it be through volunteering, referrals or a combination of both. 

Get all your children’s and maternity items together that you no longer use, or your children have outgrown.

  1. Clean them up.

  2. Enter your items into our automated system. NEW *Minimum price is $2.00. Price items in 50 cent increments.  You may group similar items together so they equal $2.00.  If necessary, pin a couple of clothing items together on hangers or put a few small toys together in a zip-top bag to reach the minimum.

  3. Print your tags and attach them to your items.

  4. Drop off your items at your scheduled time slot that you choose.

  5. Go about your normal life for a few days while we sell your items for you.

  6. Watch your cash stack up in your seller account as your items are being sold at the sale.

  7. Pick up any leftover items at the designated pick-up time (if you choose not to donate them).

    1. You can enter any leftover items into the next sale without having to re-tag!

  8. High-five everyone you know because you just earned extra cash by cleaning out what you weren’t using anyway!

  9. Get excited for the next sale at The MotherLoad!


Want to consign but don’t have the time? You can still make money on your outgrown items! Just drop off your items with our third-party tagging service, sit back, and watch the cash roll in!


Here's how it works:

  1. Register as a consignor.
  2. Contact The MotherLoad to sign up for the service (spots limited).
  3. You & the tagging service will set up a time for you to drop your items.
  4. Consignor agrees that the tagging service will price items within their discretion, using the MotherLoad’s pricing guide (you may put your desired price on a particular item).
  5. Tagging service will transport all items to the sale.
  6. Consignor agrees that all clothing/shoe items will be discounted at the half-price sale. All non-clothing items must be marked whether or not to discount when dropped off to the tagging service. Unless marked otherwise, it will all be discounted. 
  7. Consignor must pick up unsold items (that are not donated) at the designated pick up time at the sale’s end. Tagging service will not pick up unsold items.
  8. Consignor is allowed to shop at the seller preview sale.
  9. Consignor can still become a team member at the sale to earn higher percentages and access to the volunteer preview sale.

All items dropped to the tagging service must meet the following criteria:

  • Clothing must be freshly laundered and free of stains, holes, broken zippers, missing buttons, etc. Tagging service will automatically donate any items with these issues.
  • Baby gear must be clean/free of scuffs (magic eraser) and cloth seats must be freshly laundered and free of stains/holes. If battery operated, item must have working batteries when dropped off at the tagging service.
  • Toys must be clean. All small parts of each toy must be placed in zip-loc bags. Battery operated toys must have working batteries (cheap ones available at dollar stores).
  • All non-clothing items must be marked whether or not to discount when dropped off to the tagging service (all clothing WILL be discounted at the half-price sale).
  • Any clothing you want donated MUST BE SEPARATED from clothing you do not want donated when dropped at the tagging service.


  • Consignor receives 40% of sales.

  • Consignor drops off all clothes, freshly laundered & neatly folded.
  • All non-clothing items are prepared as described above.
  • Consignor submits a $15 supplies/transportation fee in cash to tagger at drop off.


  • Consignor receives 45% of sales.
  • Consignor drops off all clothing on the appropriate size hangers.
  • All non-clothing items are prepared as described above.
  • Consignor submits a $10 supplies/transportation fee in cash to tagger at drop off.

Here at The MotherLoad – we love choices! See the chart above for your two consignor options to use the tagging service. Please note which service you would like when you contact us.