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Become a MotherLoad Vendor

Do you have a family-friendly business? Are moms, families, and/or children your target market? Become a vendor to feature your business at our next sale! Being a vendor at The MotherLoad means:

You have the opportunity to expose your business to your target market.

You can increase your name recognition in the area.

You have the flexibility of being present at your table or just setting up a display.

You can bask in an unshared spotlight for your type of goods/service as we do not allow two of the same type of business to set up booth displays.

You have options! We know not everyone can stop their life and sit at a booth for a four-day sale. See below.

Here at The MotherLoad, we believe in always having choices!  

Marketing Package: $15

  • You provide us with 150 promotional items (flyers, coupons, pens, magnets, etc) and we distribute them to our first 150 customers in their goody bags.

  • There may be more than one of the same type of business/service placed in customers’ goody bags. 


Display Package: $20 PER DAY or $65 for all 4 days

  • We provide you with (1) 6′ or 8′ table & (2) chairs to set up a booth during our sale.

  • You can be a vendor for 1, 2, 3, or 4 days of our sale.

    • Four-day vendors will have their business name and web link placed on our website from the time payment is received until the sale’s end.

Interested in being a vendor at our upcoming sale? Click here to view the contract and request a space at The MotherLoad event.   

Other opportunities to advertise your business with us:


Link Exchange

Place a link on your website to The MotherLoad and we will place a link to your website on ours. Email for all the details.

Prize Drawing Donation

We like to make all of our MotherLoad fans feel special! We do giveaways on our Facebook page and during the month leading up to our sales. Donating a prize for us to use on our Facebook page can give you lots of exposure! We will put your business name in our Facebook post with a link to your website or Business Facebook page. If you would like to donate a prize for us to use as a giveaway to our growing Facebook Fan following, please email us at

Banner Advertising

Want to get your business name and contact info out to our shoppers? Provide us with a small banner (no bigger than 6ft long) and we will hang it up during the whole event. All of the shoppers, consignors and volunteers will see your banner with your business information. A great way to get your business exposed to MotherLoad shoppers. The cost is $40 for the 3 day Public Sale and Preview night!

If you have any questions about any of our advertising opportunities please email Denise at!

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