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The MotherLoad Team Members

Why become a Team Member?


We CAN'T do it without you. Team Members are VITAL to the success of The MotherLoad Kids, Teen and Maternity Event!

Once you are a registered consignor, you will have an opportunity to view available Team Member opportunities within your account.


  • Shop first at the Team Member preview sale!

  • Shifts are not required to be consecutive.

  • We offer shifts at several different times during the week in order to accommodate any consignor's busy schedule.

  • The Team Member Preview Sale is held prior to the Consignor Preview Sale. Team Members will be able to shop first at each sale. It is our way to say “thank you”!


What can I expect during my shift?

There is a lot to accomplish in just a few days! Expect to be busy during your entire shift. Please wear comfortable clothing, show up 5 minutes before your shift begins and be ready to work. Once you arrive, you will need to sign in. We have several different Team Member positions and they vary depending on the day you’ll be joining our team. Be sure to find a sale organizer to determine where you can get started once you’re signed in.


A few things to remember:

  1. Signing in and signing out is the only way we can give you credit for your shift. Please be sure you complete this important step!

  2. To ensure security of your personal belongings, it’s best to leave them at home or in your car.

  3. Bottled water will be provided. Water bottles will be permitted on the floor during your shift.

What should I wear for my shift?

Wear comfortable clothing and sneakers. While we do have some “light-duty” shifts, most will require a lot of walking, standing and moving of merchandise. If you are working during public sale hours, please refrain from wearing sweatpants/shirts, including yoga pants. Jeans or khakis and a t-shirt free of rips, tears or holes are just fine.

Can I bring my child/ren with me while I work? 

While we understand your good intentions, you will be very busy during your shift and it is not safe for your child to be with you during this time. All children should be left at home or with a babysitter.

Something came up and I’m unable to work the shift I signed up for. What are my options?

Since The MotherLoad Kids, Teen and Maternity Event is solely run by it’s Team Members, it is imperative to select a shift/s you are positive you can fulfill. If you are unable to fulfill the shift you registered for please call the sale organizer at 216 307-5623.

If you haven’t found the answer you were looking for, please feel free to email

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