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How to prep your items for best consignment sale success

Consignment sales are full of savvy shoppers. To make the most out of your items, you need to take the time to prep them for sale. Here are some steps for prepping your items for consignment sale success.

Clothing, Shoes & Bedding

  • Wash all clothing, shoes, and bedding and check for any stains, rips, or tears.

  • Iron any clothing or bedding that needs it.

  • Separate clothing by size & type (eg sleepwear, daily clothing, jackets, etc).

  • Separate everything by season.

  • Hang all clothing and bedding on hangers.

  • For smaller items like socks & hats, combine a few items and place them in a ziplock bag.

  • If hanging more than one item together, like two or three onesies, safety pin them together.

  • Tie shoes together with a zip tie and place them in a large ziplock bag so they don’t get lost.

Toys & Gear

  • Clean all toys and items thoroughly. If toys or parts of gear are washer safe, put them in the washing machine. If not, clean them with disinfectant wipes, cotton swabs, and magic erasers to get them as clean and renewed as possible.

  • Make sure all toys & gear are in good condition and good working order.

  • Check recall lists to ensure your items haven’t been recalled.

  • If a toy requires batteries, include batteries in it so potential buyers can test it.

  • Small toys and books can be bundled together with zip ties or ziplock bags.

  • If you no longer have the instruction manual for gear, print a copy out from the manufacturer website to include.

  • Ensure all games, puzzles, and toys aren’t missing any pieces or parts.

Once everything is cleaned thoroughly, group things together by type. For example, clothing by size and toys by age range. After that, all you need to do is gather your price tags, affix them, and take them to the event!

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