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How to sell kids clothes at consignment sales for top dollar!

Any parent knows that kids grow up way too fast, which leaves a ton of clothes and shoes they’ve outgrown. Consignment sales are the perfect way to declutter your home AND make money in the process. Here are five ways to sell kids clothes at consignment sales for top dollar!

Sell clothes that are recognizable brand names

When it comes to consigning kid’s clothes the more luxurious the brand, the higher it will sell. If you have bargain brands, they’ll sell for bargain prices. Most clothing at consignment sales go for about 50% of their retail price, so high end & designer brands will always sell for more.

Make sure all clothes are in pristine condition

Clothes that are in great condition and still have their tags will sell for the most. Otherwise, clothes need to be absolutely pristine to make them worth your asking price. That means no rips, tears, stains, frays, or patch jobs.

Price competitively

It may be tempting to overprice your items. You may want to make as much of a profit as possible, feel the value of the clothing is worth it, or have nostalgic ties that bump up the price. If you price too high, shoppers will pass over your clothing for similar but lower priced items.

Events are more effective than shops

Consignment shops tend to get little foot traffic, especially in niche markets like childrenswear. Your items could be sitting on a rack for weeks or months before selling. At consignment events, hundreds of people come for one weekend for the sole purpose of purchasing things like you’re selling. The chances of your items being not only seen but sold rises astronomically.

Know what’s in style

Fads come and go for what’s popular, and that includes children’s clothes. While some pieces are considered timeless, people will be far less likely to pay a high asking price for something no longer in style. Even if it’s a designer brand, if a piece is obviously dated as far as style goes, nobody will pay a lot for it. Know what’s in style & what isn’t, and price accordingly.

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